• Register at the office upon arrival.
  • The individual filling out the registration forms will be accountable for all members of their group, including visitors.
  • Check in time will be 3 p.m. or later.
  • Check out time will be 11 a.m. or earlier. Failure to check out by this time will result in an additional charge.
  • Quiet time is from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Children under the age of 18 should be on their site by 11 p.m. unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Do not exceed the maximum number of guests listed for each property.


A request for cancellation/refund must be received 45 days prior to arrival date or deposit is forfeited.  Cancellations with a notice of 1 week or less are subject to full charge for the dates reserved.  There will be no refunds for failure to show, early departure, or bad weather.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Speed limit: The speed limit for the site is 5 m.p.h.
  2. Trash: At Carter’s Cabins and Rentals, we take pride in keeping a clean environment. If you come to the main office, we will provide you with garbage bags. Please do not burn any trash in firepit areas.
  3. Firewood/campfires: Firewood can be purchased in the main office. Transporting of firewood from state to state is prohibited. Please do not bring/take home any firewood. More information about this can be found at: www.fs.fed.us. When building a campfire, please make sure to abide by the WV Burn Law. Please only make fires in the designated firepit area for your cabin. This will ensure the safety of all guests at Carter’s Cabins and Rentals. Please do not leave fires unattended. Items that you should not burn include: Styrofoam, plastic, glass or cans.
  4. Outside furniture/grills: Each cabin will have its own outside furniture and grill. Please do not move these items.
  5. Personal conduct: Please respect all guests staying at Carter’s Cabins and Rentals. We work hard to maintain a safe environment for all our guests. All guests should always act in a responsible manner. There will be no toleration for drunken, disorderly or ill-mannered behavior. Reminder: parents are responsible for children at all times.
  6. Alcohol: All alcoholic beverages must be consumed in the designated area for your cabin. There will be absolutely no toleration for the use of drugs, underage drinking, or excessive alcohol use. If any of these things occur, the local authorities will be contacted to remove you immediately.
  7. Firearm policy: At Carter’s Cabins and Rentals, firearms are PROHBITIED. The includes the use of slingshots, BB guns, etc.
  8. Fireworks: The use of fireworks on site is PROHIBITED in order to keep our guests safe. If this rule is violated, you will be asked to leave immediately, and you WILL NOT be issued a refund for the remainder of the stay.
  9. Pets: Pop’s Place is now pet friendly!
  10. Weather policy: We are not responsible for changes in the weather. There will be absolutely no refunds, credits nor changes due to inclement weather.
  11. Theft/lost items: Carter’s Cabins and Rentals is not responsible for any personal belongings that are lost, stolen, lost by fire, or any accidents.
  12. Property damage: Use of facilities is strictly at your own risk and the registered guest is responsible to pay for damages to property or facilities caused by themselves or guests. All guests will be held responsible and will pay for any damages to the inside or outside areas of each cabin.

At Carter’s Cabins and Rentals, we are proud to provide a safe and fun environment for all. Thank you for following the above rules to ensure this environment is kept. We are thankful for your visit and hope that you enjoy your stay at Carter’s Cabins and Rentals, and will stay with us again!